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The Human

Katrien Remmerie, born in Tielt and raised in Schuiferskappelle (Tielt) on10/02/1984. Grew up in a family where cycling (dad Peter) and delicious homemade food (mum Mireille) were of paramount
paramount. A brother (Pieter) who I greatly looked up to because of his adventures as a leader at camp with the CM from Tielt, later also the Jomba camps (camps for young people with disabilities).

When I was 15 myself, I took my training as a leader of the CM Tielt and did I mainly did Jomba camps. Noticing that I could do something for others gave me such a good feeling, always has been.

The artist

Painting itself started on its own at age 8. Then I attended drawing school in Schuiferskapelle (Tielt) until I was 12. Then I had to go to Tielt, but decided not to. I had been in a youth choir in Wingene St.-Jan since I was 10 and had more of a feeling for singing at that time. At 18, I stopped doing that too.

At 28, I deliberately started painting again in my living room in Zulte. It was only when I started hanging my works in the living room and my friends and family saw them and I received rave reviews that I started to believe in my abilities. Although it took a few years before I really went public with it.

So in September 2021, I started attending academy again. This time at KADE in Deinze with Kelly Braekevelt and Stief Desmet as teachers. There I also get to know other artists, the people themselves, their insights and also interesting places to exhibit works. They really encourage you to go public with your work.

I myself paint with acrylic paint, very sometimes in combination with charcoal or graffiti. These days mainly abstract works, landscapes or natural elements. Currently mainly blue and red, although there are often other vibrant colours as well.
The approach when painting is to follow my feelings. First I have a feeling, then colour and only then do I start painting. What I am going to make beforehand is never actually fixed at the time. I paint by feeling, often also with music, and gradually the painting grows.

Sources of inspiration are very often the nature walks I take (during which I stop far too often to take a picture), films I watch, meeting other artists, visiting exhibitions, etc.
I myself have already exhibited a few works during the open days in KADE (2021), during the exhibition of the Cultural Colleagues in Ghent (October 2021 and 2022), Vitrines d'Amour (Ghent, February 2022 & 2023) and from mid-October 2022 to December 2022 some 7 of my works hung in the wine bar "In Vino Veritas" in Kortrijk.

In April 2023 I do my own 1st expo in duo with Sylvain Ferla @ Huis De Leeuw (Machelen, aan de Leie).

Since November 18th (2022), I have also been the chairman of the Cultural Colleagues Ghent, with whom I organise the annual exhibition.

IG: katrien_remmerie

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