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Artist Statement


I grew up with my grandparents in a small town where everyone knew each other. Still, I’ve always felt like an exception. Communicating with others was difficult for me, and in solitude, I spent my time poring over the few books I had, which were mainly books on mythology and ancient history. Over the years, it became even more difficult for me to connect with people and express myself, developing in a world that didn't seem like mine. Being unable to understand the world around me, I was inspired to create my own. Further delving into the great philosophical and literary works of the West, I learnt about the primal concepts of Apollonian and Dionysian forces – the pure, bright, rational aspects of man, caught in an endless struggle with his own passions, emotions and instincts. The dichotomy between order and light on the one hand, and chaos and intoxication on the other, is a recurring idea in my paintings, and in my work as an artist in general. The obvious colorful, chaotic, Dionysian dynamics of my work are complemented with a deep inner desire for logic, an unyielding will to live and make sense of the world around me. Being an emotionally unavailable person, I use my art not merely as a form of self-expression, but also as an attempt to connect with others on a level that both analyzes and transcends the human experience.

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